HTML Strip

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Strip HTML Tags From Your Text with One Click

Simply place the code that you would like to strip html tags from in the box and hit the button to remove html tags from text. Max Characters 100,000.

What is HTML Strip?

It's a really simple and effective html tag remover that saves you the nightmare of picking out html code from your text for example. Stripping HTML using this tool takes seconds and may be just what you have been looking for :). With one click you can remove html tags.

How Does Strip HTML remove HTML Tags?

We use php to take out and format text that is laden with html code. With one click you can strip all HTML tags.

To display a code editor that was not displayed on dom load, as well as other features I had to "hack" the Chrome convention, the only exception of this is with the original strip function on this page, which has been slightly improved. Hope you enjoy the new editor rich functions (provided on the top menu). There are many more to come including calculators and all kinds of useful things, many not related to HTML at all but highly objective. Stay tuned because they will be fun (and extremely useful).